Wordsworth Productions produces national tours to performing arts centres across Australia. We are passionate about taking work to metro, regional, outer regional and remote towns and providing presenters with opportunities to reach new audiences through community engagement opportunities. We tour family shows and comedy. 

        For all programming enquiries contact Celia : celia@wordsworthproductions.com.au

        Melbourne Comedy Showcase

        We bring the best of the best in the Melbourne comedy scene to you, curating comedy lineups and bringing together a diverse range of comedic talent, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Our lineups feature a carefully selected sequence of comedians, starting with our MC who will warm up the crowd and set the stage for an unforgettable night.

        The Melbourne Comedy Showcase is touring performing arts centres and community halls across 2024 and 2025. 

        Lehmo - Camper Van Go

        Camper Van Go just played to SOLD OUT audiences across the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and now we are taking it on the road!

        Lehmo’s all-new show Camper Van Go is a hilarious tale all about a disastrous National Lampoon-like holiday from hell! There will also be some jokes about marriage, parenting, dogs and the Titanic.

        “Lehmo is effortlessly funny; his delivery, his sense of humour and the way he keeps firing jokes is impeccable. This is traditional stand-up – one comedian on stage telling relatable jokes – and he does it so well.”The Clothesline

        Overweight Lightweight​

        In 2024 we will tour Dave O’Neil’s comedy show Overweight Lightweight, accompanied by The Art Of The Laugh comedy masterclass presented by veteran comic Brad Oakes. 

        Overweight Lightweight played to SOLD OUT audiences across the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2023 and received some pretty spectacular reviews. Fat funny man Dave O’Neil is taking a brand new stand-up show, Overweight Lightweight on the road. 

        Jon & Jero: STUFF!

        Jon & Jero are embarking on an epic journey to find their missing STUFF – but they can’t do it alone! With your help, these bumbling brothers will travel far and wide to get their STUFF back in this fast and fun choose-your-own-adventure!

        STUFF! is a comedy experience for the whole family. Join Jon and Jero in a high-energy hour of silly proportions combining physical comedy, big characters, improvisation and most importantly, STUFF!

        ★★★★★ “An extremely fun hour of entertainment for all ages” – Lilithia Reviews

        Art Of The Laugh

        There are not many great humour writers in the world. There haven’t been many throughout history. That is because writing humour that is funny, really funny, is one of the most difficult and challenging of the literary crafts.

        So how do you create something new? How do you write or perform in a way that makes people laugh?

        The Art Of The Laugh reveals the tricks of the trade and helps performers understand comedy and how to use it effectively in their craft. The techniques revealed in this masterclass will guide students to take their writing and performance art to the next level. 

        The Quizzical Mr Jeff

        Mr Jeff is an entertainment specialist renowned for his charismatic showmanship, welcoming stage presence and engaging performance style. With years of experience on international stages and in the circus ring, he is skilled in transporting audiences to a state of wonder and play.

        *WINNER of Weekly Best Circus at Perth Fringe World   

        *WINNER of Melbourne Magic Festival Artistic Excellence Award 

        *WINNER of Best Family Show Melbourne Magic Festival

        Mr Snotbottom

        Mr Snotbottom is a hysterically deeesgusting kids comedian brimming with all the gooey, gooey, yucky things kids love!

        Whether it’s in his award-winning human body based podcast ‘Busy Bodies’ or in one of his hilarious live shows full of gross-tactic gags, tasteless tunes and just-wrong routines, Mr Snotbottom is the perfect entertainer for weird kids 4+ and their even weirder parents.

        That's NOT Amore

        A feminist cabaret comedy for your heart and soul with a pinch of guilt on top. The only way Italian’s know how.

        An exploration of growing up Italian in Australia. This cabaret speaks to the complicated layers of life, generational trauma, ones worth, expectations and the value of women. Along with the sentimental dramatic Italian heritage stories, a loud upbringing and the ‘characters’ that come with a big Italian family.

        With a soundtrack that will warm your heart and tickle your tastebuds. Carla will inspire, delight and above all wrap you up with AMORE!