Roving Performers

We have been providing roving entertainment at festivals and events across the country since 2008.

We specialise in entertaining the little ones and our offerings include options to suit events of all shapes and sizes.

Roving performances are a great way to add some interactive fun at festivals and events. Roving characters and performance artists will keep crowds entertained and make for some great photo opportunities to add to the socials.

Roving characters with full head covering must be booked with a chaperone to ensure the health and safety of our performers. Roving sets with muted characters are 30 mins on and 30 mins off to ensure the suit artist has adequate time out of the costume.

Roving characters will add a burst of colour and excitement to  your event with interactive performances for everyone to enjoy.

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    Suited Characters 

    Magical Roving Entertainment

    Hula Hoops 

    Dr Hubbles Bubbles

    Dr Hubble is played by veteran showman Shep Huntly. Shep has a calm, charismatic casual affinity with his audience. Dr Hubble loves bubbles and can make them do magical things!

    Have you ever see a square bubble? What about an octagon bubble, chimney bubble or the explode-a-bubble? How about a bubble no one else in Australia can perform – the flaming vortex?!

    This is a fun, hilarious and accidentally educational show with a subtle message of sustainability woven throughout. Dr Hubble starts the show with a simple bubble blown from the hand to bring audience into a state of mindfulness and then slowly builds up to the biggest bubbles you will ever see.

    Contact Celia to discuss your event: