We have been providing entertainment for festivals and events across the country since 2008. We specialise in entertaining kids and families and our offerings include family friendly bands, roving entertainers, MC’s, workshops & children’s stage shows.

  • Options to suit events of all shapes and sizes.
  • Stage Shows & Roving Entertainment to suit a range of audiences & budgets.
  • Full stage programming services, artist booking & liaison.
  • Event Management services.
  • Event Marketing services.

      Contact Celia to discuss your event: celia@wordsworthproductions.com.au

      Jon & Jero

      Jon Walpole and Jeromaia Detto are Melbourne-based comedians who champion play-based theatre where the focus is performing with kids, not at them.

      Through the philosophies of improv and clown as well as utilising their backgrounds in family entertainment and children’s education, Jon & Jero aim to build experiences that are full of energy, big characters and memorable moments for all!

      Jon & Jero are the perfect event MC’s providing interactive comedy and they also have a stage show available for festivals and events. 

      The Quizzical Mr Jeff


      Mr Jeff is an entertainment specialist renowned for his charismatic showmanship, welcoming stage presence and engaging performance style. With years of experience on international stages and in the  circus ring, he is skilled in transporting audiences to a state of wonder and play.

      *WINNER of Weekly Best Circus at Perth Fringe World   

      *WINNER of Melbourne Magic Festival Artistic Excellence Award 

      *WINNER of Best Family Show Melbourne Magic Festival

      The Mudcakes

      The Mudcakes are Grammy, Oscar & Aria nominated musicians (and local legends) famous for sharing their family-friendly songs full of imaginative lyrics. 

      Sherry Rich and Rick Plant are The Mudcakes, a funky children’s band but once upon a time, they were hip young musicians carving out a living in Nashville. 

      So what changed? It’s easy, they had children and discovered the delight, the frustration and the imaginative new world that opens up to all of us once we become parents.

      Mr Snotbottom

      Mr Snotbottom is a hysterically deeesgusting kids comedian brimming with all the ooey gooey yucky things kids love!

      Whether it’s in his award winning human body-based podcast ‘Busy Bodies’ or in one of his hilarious live shows full of gross-tactic gags, tasteless tunes and just-wrong routines, Mr Snotbottom is the perfect entertainer for weird kids aged 4+ and their even weirder parents.

      Mr Snotbottom’s interactive comedy show is available for festivals and events. 

      Hula Hoop Workshops & Playspaces

      Highly engaging, playful, giggle-fuelled workshops for the whole family including: hula hoop dance (learn a funky choreography), hoopercise, giant bubbles, spinning plates, juggling and more. 

      Interactive Playspaces can be set up at at outdoor events to provide a creative hula experiences for families. Playspaces are all about connection, community engagement, intergenerational play and trying something new. 

      • Circus/Hula Hoop Workshops
      • Roving Circus Entertainment 
      • Interactive Circus/Hula Hoop Playspaces

      LED Workshops & Playspaces

      Light it up with LED workshops, play spaces and roving available for night-time events. 

      Highly engaging, playful, giggle-fuelled workshops for the whole family including: hula hoop dance (learn a funky choreography), hoopercise, giant bubbles, spinning plates, juggling and more. 

      These activities are all about connection, community engagement, intergenerational play and trying something new. LED Interactive play spaces can be set up at at outdoor events to provide a creative hula experiences for families. 

      • Roving LED & Fire Entertainment
      • Fire & LED Stage Shows
      • Interactive Circus/Hula Hoop LED Playspaces

      Boop Circus

      Coming off the back of a national tour, the Winners of the 2021 Gasworks Circus Showdown Adelaide Fringe Award are back for the final time!

      This hilarious family show immerses the audience in physical theatre, clown and inventive acrobatics on a never-before-seen apparatus! Statera engaged at-risk youth through a collaborrative creative development process. The result is a show that plays with expectations and adolescent cynicism discussing capitalism and self-discovery is a fast-paced, meme-y performance.

      Available for outdoor events and theatres.

      Event MC's

      Celia Wordsworth has been entertaining families all over the country since 2008. Celia worked for over 16 years as part of a popular children’s show, The Kazoos, touring nationally and internationally and performing at some of the country’s most prestigious events. 

      Celia has MC’d City of Sydney New Year’s Eve, carols events, family festivals and corporate events. Celia’s MC services can also include short musical performance elements to entertain audiences in  between acts. We can also take care of your stage programming, looking after everything from booking acts, artist liaison, scheduling and tech.

      The Amazing Superhero Show

      There’s a Superhero inside every one of us…find yours.

      Join The Giggler and her friends Big Boomer, Professor Perception & Zoomer on a mission to find out exactly what it takes to be a Happy Hero! 

      Will Smart Girl find the answers on her smart device? Will Mighty Man use his strength to save the day? Whatever happens…BEWARE… The Grey Gloomy may try to ruin all the fun!

      Tam I Am

      As one of the founding members of the Melbourne Magic, Tam is one of the very few accomplished female magicians in Australia. 

      She started clowning around at only 17 years old & it wasn’t long before she was invited to the prestigious French Wood Festival (Hancock, New York), where she ran workshops in circus  development training including trampoline, trapeze, stilt walking, juggling, magic, unicycle & the fine art of clowning.

      Performances include a meet and greet with Kandii & Benjii after the show. Shows can also include facepainting and roving performances are available.

      NYE Firework Show!

      Co-produced with City of Sydney New Years Eve, these colourful fireworks went off with a bang at Sydney Harbour for the Lord Mayor’s Picnic.

      Bluey the firework is feeling blue because he doesn’t know what kind of firework he is. He enlists the help of some colourful and very talented characters before realising he only has to be himself when the clock strikes 12… or 9 in this instance as it’s a family show! 

      FIREWORKS can be presented as a stage show or as a roving performance. Perfect for New Years eve or any event that goes off with a bang!

      Dr Hubbles Bubbles

      Dr Hubble is played by veteran showman Shep Huntly. Shep has a calm, charismatic casual affinity with his audience. Dr Hubble loves bubbles and can make them do magical things!

      Have you ever see a square bubble? What about an octagon bubble, chimney bubble or the explode-a-bubble? How about a bubble no one else in Australia can perform – the flaming vortex?!

      This is a fun, hilarious and accidentally educational show with a subtle message of sustainability woven throughout. Dr Hubble starts the show with a simple bubble blown from the hand to bring audience into a state of mindfulness and then slowly builds up to the biggest bubbles you will ever see.

      Roving Entertainment

      Roving performances are a great way to add some extra fun at festivals and events. Roving characters and performance artists will keep crowds entertained and make for some great pics to add to the socials.

      Roving characters with full head covering must be booked with a chaperone to ensure the health and safety of our performers. Roving sets with muted characters are 30 mins on and 30 mins off to ensure the suit artist has adequate time out of the costume.

      Roving characters will add a burst of colour and excitement to  your event with interactive performances for everyone to enjoy.