We put together comedy lineups for theatres, festivals, entertainment venues, corporate events and fundraisers. We can work with you to curate a lineup to suit your audience and your event. 

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Comedy Lineups

We bring the best of the best in the Melbourne comedy scene to you, curating comedy lineups and bringing together a diverse range of comedic talent, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Our lineups feature a carefully selected sequence of comedians, starting with our MC who will warm up the crowd and set the stage for an unforgettable night.

A comedy night with a lineup of professional comedians and a high-profile headline act can be presented anywhere from a theatre, community or a pub. 



Lehmo is one of Australia’s most experienced and well travelled comedians. He has headlined comedy clubs across the country for over fifteen years and worked all corners of the globe including USA, UK, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Thailand. 

Lehmo can be heard on ABC Radio’s Grandstand and Triple M network across the week. Lehmo is a panelist on The Project and the host of AFL comedy quiz show, The Beep Test on Fox Sports. He also stars in the Logie winning and critically acclaimed Working Dog TV production Utopia which airs on the ABC and Netflix.

Dave O'Neil

Dave O’Neil’s brilliant comedy show Overweight Lightweight will be touring in 2024, accompanied by The Art Of The Laugh, a stand up comedy masterclass presented by veteran comic Brad Oakes. 

Overweight Lightweight played to sold out audiences across the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2023 and received some pretty spectacular reviews. 

Dave O’Neil has toured the country for over 30 years and is one of Australia’s most loved comedians. He has performed at over 20 MICF’s, appeared on TV and hosted radio.


Brad Oakes

Brad Oakes… the comic’s comic.

Brad Oakes is a stand-up comedian with a career spanning over 30 years. Best known for his work on Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Totally Full Frontal and The Comedy Company, Brad Oakes has headlined every stand up venue in Australia & toured internationally to Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Singapore, New Zealand & Dubai.

Brad Oakes works as a mentor and director to some of the country’s most well known comedians including Tommy Little, Claire Hooper, Dave O’Neil, Lehmo and Corrine Grant.

“Clearly a funny man who doesn’t talk down… Makes you want to listen… Refreshing intelligence.” 
The Herald Sun


Billy Stiles

As a later starter to comedy, Billy Stiles has fast become a rising star in the Australian stand-up scene. Known for his dry observations and deadpan humour, Billy has a talent for hilarious one-liners, and is taking the comedy scene by storm with his iconic, laid back style that is relatable to all.

Billy has travelled the country performing in all capital cities and recently performed to sold out audiences at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival in 2023. Billy regularly supports Australia’s best, including Jimeoin, Dave Hughes, Dave O’Neil, Pete Hellier, Dave Thornton and more. Billy’s unique style of comedy makes him one of the most sought after talents in Melbourne. 

Bron Lewis

Bron Lewis is one of Australia’s most promising new comedians. She was the co-winner of the National Raw Comedy competition in 2022, a four-time champion of the Moth Storytelling Competition, and both the best and the worst mum living at her house. 

Bron is a writer at The Project and has a prominent presence on stages all around the country. She has appeared on ‘The Project’ and ‘Have You Been Paying Attention’.

Bron’s critically acclaimed show ‘Probably’ sold out in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane, and it scored her a nomination for Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s ‘Best Newcomer’ for 2023.

Takashi Wakasugi

A typical Japanese boy, Takashi Wakasugi visited Sydney as an exchange student in 2012 where he joined the local comedy scene. He quickly built a unique reputation, performing at Homebake Festival 2012 and frequented spots at the Sydney Comedy
Store. In 2018, he moved to Australia and started his comedy career in earnest. Wakasugi was selected as a performer at Comedy Zone Asia at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2018 and he has appeared ABC’s Tonightly with Tom Ballard, Comedy Up Late and MICF Oxfam Gala. He has played to sold out audiences at comedy festivals around Australia and he won the Director’s Choice Award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2023. Stuck in a chasm between Japanese and Western culture, Takashi brings a fresh and unique perspective on Aussie life. 

Jon & Jero


Jon Walpole and Jeromaia Detto are Melbourne-based comedians who champion play-based theatre where the focus is performing with kids, not at them.

Through the philosophies of improv and clown as well as utilising their backgrounds in family entertainment and children’s education, Jon & Jero aim to build experiences that are full of energy, big characters and memorable moments for all!

Jon & Jero are the perfect event MC’s providing interactive comedy and they also have a stage show available for festivals and events. 

Mr Snotbottom

Mr Snotbottom is a hysterically deeesgusting kids comedian brimming with all the ooey gooey yucky things kids love!

Whether it’s in his award winning human body-based podcast ‘Busy Bodies’ or in one of his hilarious live shows full of gross-tactic gags, tasteless tunes and just-wrong routines, Mr Snotbottom is the perfect entertainer for weird kids aged 4+ and their even weirder parents.

Mr Snotbottom is available has a stage show for festivals and events.