The Comic’s Comic

Brad Oakes is a stand-up comic with a career spanning over 30 years. Best known for his work on Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Totally Full Frontal and The Comedy Company, Brad Oakes has headlined every major stand up venue in Australia and toured internationally as a stand-up to Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Singapore, New Zealand and Dubai.

Brad Oakes, the comic’s comic, works as a mentor and director to some of the country’s most well known comedians including Tommy Little, Clair Hooper, Dave O’Neil, Lehmo and Corrine Grant.

“Clearly a funny man who doesn’t talk down… Makes you want to listen… Refreshing intelligence.”             – The Herald Sun

Brad Oakes – Comedian, Mentor & Writer 

As a comedian, Brad Oakes captivates audiences with his quick wit, clever wordplay, and relatable observations about everyday life. His ability to find humour in even the most mundane situations sets him apart and has helped him carve out a niche for himself in the entertainment industry.  

A master of comedic timing, Brad knows how to deliver punchlines that hit the mark and leave a lasting impression.

Through his years of crafting his art and perfecting his trade of exceptional quick witted humour that translates to laughter and enjoyment for a plethora of different audiences, Brad Oakes has worked as an advisor mentor for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, The St Kilda Film Festival as well as various other performing arts bodies.

In addition to his comedic talents, Brad also brings his expertise as a comic teacher to the table. He has a passion for nurturing budding comedians, sharing his knowledge, and guiding them towards finding their own unique voice on stage. Brad’s warm and approachable demeanor creates a supportive learning environment in which aspiring comics, actors, keynote speakers and performers can thrive.

Brad Oakes can be booked part of a comedy lineup, a solo show, MC or teacher. 

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The Art of the Laugh – Brad Oakes 

Veteran comedian and regular on The Debrief – Brad Oakes. Brad Oakes has taken his decades of experience as a stand-up, writer and director and created a comedy course for comedians, actors , entertainers and keynote speakers.The Art Of The Laugh can be presented in 3 ways:

MASTERERCLASS: This will be a 4 hr class and suitable for 15-20 participants.

PRESENTATION: A condensed version of the masterclass can be presented to larger groups. An interactive presentation & Q&A.

EXTENDED COURSE: A four week course or a residency for 15-20 participants

THE ART OF THE LAUGH gives presenters an opportunity to support local performance artists to work with one of Australia’s most experienced comics, directors, mentors and comedy writers.

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